Suroboyo Statue

What fairly describe about East Java province, is coming from Surabaya. Beside, it is the official capital of the province, Surabaya is also the second largest city after Jakarta. By the population for about 3 millions people, Surabaya has become the Metropolis city with numbers of diversities among the people, cultures, habits and way of living. Moreover, Surabaya nowadays is already become the center of business, commerce, industry, and education in eastern Indonesia.

Surabaya is known as The City Of Heroes, due to the importance Battle of Surabaya against The Dutch Colony to support the Independence of Indonesia during Indonesia National Revolution.

Surabaya is a main seaport and commercial center in the eastern region of Indonesia, and now become one of thelargest cities in Southeast Asia. The areas surrounding Surabaya include Lamongan to the northwest, Gresik to the west, Bangkalan to the northeast, Sidoarjo to the south, and Mojokerto and Jombang to the southwest. Gresik, Bangkalan, Mojokerto, Surabaya, Sidoarjo and Lamongan as an area is called as Gerbang Kertosusila.

As the provincial capital, Surabaya is also home to many offices and business centers. Surabaya’s economy is also influenced by the recent growth in foreign industries and the completion of the Suramadu Bridge. Surabaya is currently in the process of building high rise skyscrapers such as apartments, condominiums, malls and plazas, and hotels as a way of attracting foreign people to the city.

As a metropolitan city, Surabaya is a multy-ethnic city, where there are numbers of ethnics and tribe inside like: Javanese, Batak, Sunda, Maduranese, Balinese, Bugis and many more. There are also foreign nationalities include Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Arab and European.

In everyday speaking, most inhabitants speak in Javanese with Suroboyoan dialect. This dialect is quite different with normal Javanese, especially from Central Java like Surakarta or Yogyakarta. Suroboyoan dialec is being higher in intonation and sometimes considered as harsh and high tempered.